Sunday, 1 December 2013

Glorious Victory!

So, back towards the beginning of the month, I talked a little bit about the National Novel Writing Month (abbreviated to NaNo), and how I was involved in it again this year.

To recap, the goal  is to write 50,000 words of a single piece of original fiction, between 00:01 on November the 1st, and 23:59 on November the 30th.

I started off well, and built up a head-start in the first week.  This dropped back a little bit, but I continued steadily for another week or so, then my wife came back from a two-month placement in Jerusalem, followed shortly afterwards by us both coming down with fairly nasty colds.  As a result, the writing went right down the pan, and by the night of the 28th, I was only on 33,604 words, and had pretty much given up hope of success.

But then the fighting spirit of my barbarian ancestors (or possibly just a combination of stubborness and pride- I leave you to decide which is most likely) asserted itself.  On the Friday, I managed to write about 4,500 words, bringing me up to about 39,000.

Most of Saturday was spent in a marathon writing session fuelled by large quantities of tea, and a bag of chocolate-covered raisins, and I managed to write 11,842 words, bringing me up to a total of 50,001 words.  I registered this on the NaNo site, and have joined the ranks of many proud winners right across the world.

To say that I am feeling really rather smug about this is something of an understatement.

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