Thursday, 6 August 2015

Another 'Three Men' Review

I had a spare copy of 'Three Men' knocking about, so I posted on the UK Methodists group on Facebook and asked whether anyone would like a free book in exchange for writing a review.  Someone called Andrew Davidson responded, and I posted the book last Saturday.

I stand in awe of our marvellous postal service, for by Tuesday evening, it had not only arrived (and it only went 2nd class) but Mr. Davidson had already read the book, and posted his review on the Facebook group.

Now, I know that it’s terribly bad form to quote one’s own reviews…  So here goes:

Book Review - "Three Men on a Pilgrimage - a Comical Progress" by Thomas Jones.

If you are looking for a book that tackles some of the issues within the bible this is an ideal choice. It is philosophically challenging, tackling theological conundrums in an imaginative and humorous way, but with a serious outlook. A book that is hard to put down, but once read calls to be picked up again and again. Each chapter takes a theological concern and opens a door leading to thought and discussion. Possibly an interesting one to follow in a bible study group.

It is the story of three men who, realising they possess nearly all the deadly sins, decide to go on a walking pilgrimage to Canterbury to redeem themselves. Along the way they encounter many strange incidents and people who give them food for thought. Reflects one's own life and thoughts.

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