Saturday, 8 March 2014

A Brief Musical Interlude, and Thoughts on Taste

This week, I offer something I've found on Youtube.  It's a video of the most highly talented set of identical nonuplets I've ever come across, all named Sam for the sake of convenience.

They sing very beautifully, and the video is very well-put together.  My own singing lacks a little something when it comes to quality, although I try and make up for this with quantity.  As a Catholic acquaintance of mine once said, 'The choir's there to carry the tune.  The rest of us are just there to add volume.'  This being so, I am always very admiring of those people who actually can sing, in this case all nine of them.

I have reflected in the past that God must be completely tone deaf, as well as totally colour blind.  In fact, God must be the least tasteful person in existence.  He seems to take delight as much in the dull and the insipid as He does in the gaudy and the tawdry, in the hideous and the discordant as much as the beautiful and the harmonious.  To quote Monty Python, 'All things dull and ugly, all creatures short and squat, all things vile and venemous, the Lord God made the lot.'   

If He was human, He'd be the kind of person who's house is chock full of pointless gewgaws and horrible china ornaments in offensively bright shades of colour, with 'With Love From Bridlington' written on the base in large, inelegant letters.  A magpie and a hoarder, unrestrained by such inhibiting factors as taste or discrimination.

Nowadays, we tend to use the word 'discriminating' negatively, in the sense of racial or gender discrimination, but one can also make a discriminating choice in a positive sense, in terms of making a careful choice after weighing the relative pros and cons.  Very happily for me and my singing voice, God doesn't seem to discriminate at all, in either sense of the term.  I also draw like a blind-folded three-year old in an earthquake.  I'd better stick to the writing I think.  After all, not everyone is as tasteless as God.

Anyway, here are The Nine Sam Robsons.  Enjoy!


  1. I just love that singing. It's brilliant and the skill that goes into producing it too.