Monday, 3 March 2014

Political Satire

I don't tend to comment on current events.  Except for Queen's sales figures.  But apart from that, I tend to remain stoic and silent on the subject.

However, with everything kicking off over in the Ukraine, many people seem to be under a false impression of the cause of this situation.  The reality is rather more saddening than the common supposition, and thus it falls to me to illuminate you, via the medium of rhyming(ish) verse:

That poor Mr Putin is misunderstood.
He’s kindly and noble, distinguished and good.
This deadly debacle must be denounced,
For it is all down to how words are pronounced.

You see he was talking one day to a chap,
Who brought out a detailed and colourful map.
He showed him a region almost next door,
Unknowingly starting the crisis and war.

For Putin’s a tireless enforcer of law,
To sinners and hoodlums, he gives them what for!
Against all wrongdoing his quest is unending,
He’s fearless and bold, untiring, unbending.

For Mr Putin it’s quite an obsession,
To catch malefactors and teach them a lesson.
As soon as he finds the tiniest trace,
Of criminal dealings he’s right on the case!

Expecting no praise, no payment or thanks,
He readies the army, he sends in the tanks.
He hails them with rockets; he pelts them with shot, 
He hits the wrongdoers with all that he’s got.

And so the whole world’s come sadly a cropper,
Because Putin’s aide, he doesn’t talk proper.
And thus this bloke’s accent caused violence and fear,
For he showed him the map and said “Look, there’s crime ‘ere.”

Copyright Thomas Jones 2014

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  1. Sweet!!! I love this - You make perfect sense and I like your thought process. It would be great if I could get you to guest-post for me, I think we're on the same page. Check out my blog