Friday, 8 November 2013

Fighting Vikings in my Head

I was talking to my wife online the other day, when a couple of lines suddenly popped into my head.  I wrote them down, and they unfolded into an entire poem, which I've now polished up a bit, and present to you now.  Again, this first surfaced on Facebook, but has been extended and refined.  That this came to me whilst talking to my wife is something no-one should speculate on...

Fighting Vikings in my Head

The world can be quite nasty,
It can leave you full of dread,
Don’t let it get you down though,
Just go to sleep instead.
I forget about my worries,
When I’m wrapped up warm in bed,
And I smile as I’m sleeping,
Fighting Vikings in my head!

I stagger home exhausted,
Having earned my daily bread,
And I feel stretched and see-through,
Like my soul is thinly spread.
But I'm taken when I dream to,
Where the heroes fought and bled,
And my cares are all forgotten,
Fighting Vikings in my head!

You might just think I’m snoring,
You might think I’m overfed.
The truth though’s very different,
And I stain the North Sea red,
As I wield sword and shield,
And my foemen’s blood is shed.
So you hear me chuckle softly,
Fighting Vikings in my head!

So when you’ve turned the light off,
And your last good nights are said,
Pulled the duvet all around you,
And your eyelids feel like lead,
Step aboard your longship,
And leave behind your bed,
Say farewell to all your worries,
And fight Vikings in your head!

Copyright Thomas Jones 2013

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