Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Leap

You might not realise it from this blog, but I actually write very little poetry.  Most of my stuff is prose, but poetry tends to be easier to post in a blog, since it's normally quite short.  So here's another poem.

Most of the poetry I do write is comic stuff, since the little serious poetry I've written is pretentious and awful, but there is one exception, which I give to you now.  This was written some time ago, and I can't remember the exact circumstances that gave rise to it, but unlike the other writing I've posted here, this hasn't been seen by anyone else before.  It's a Made-up Things world premier exclusive!

The Leap

I am standing on the edge of a great lake
 in the depths of a starless night.
In front, nothing but darkness, and the sound of wind,
And the ripples of the water.
If I were to just walk forwards a little way,
That dark, deep cold would close over my head,
And swallow me up.

But then, I hear a single note,
A clarion call, a trumpet in the distance,
And raising my head, I see a tiny silver light.
So minute, so faint that if I look straight at it
It disappears.
Only in the corner of my eye can I see it,
And it is beautiful.

And then, that small, still voice that says,
‘I am with you.  Do not be afraid.’
And I feel the infinitesimal pressure
of your hand upon my back.
And I take a step forwards.
I feel the water at the edge, I take another step,
And I do not sink.

I step again, and still I do not sink.
Another, and another.
Each step, a miracle of courageous faith.
And I do not sink.
Now, there is darkness all around me,
And nothing but deep, dark water beneath,
and your voice which whispers softly.
‘I am with you.  Do not be afraid.’

Copyright Thomas Jones 2014

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